meet the millers…

Josh and Amber started their coaching careers early.  They both started working at the Gymnastics Sports Center in Wichita Falls at the age of 15.  Amber had just retired from competitive Trampoline & Tumbling and missed it, while Josh wanted something cooler than bagging groceries like his friends.

The two tallest coaches were just meant to be.

However, God didn't bring them together until later, after Amber went to college at SMU.  They ran into each other at the local Bennigan's and as the saying goes, "the rest was history".

Josh and Amber always enjoyed working for Billy Booth at The Gymnastics Place which inspired a bigger vision. They dreamed of owning their own gym and the ability to provide a safe and fun space for the communities children.  God blessed Josh and Amber with their own two beautiful children, Aria and Caleb, and then He answered their prayers for a gym.  When Billy decided to retire from the sport of gymnastics, he generously offered them the opportunity to take over.

The Sovereign Lord is my strength.  He makes me as sure-footed as the deer, able to tread upon the heights.
— Habbakkuk 3:19

The name, Elevate Gymnastics, came from the knowledge that they could not make a business succeed without God on their side.  
Amber came across the Bible verse, Habbakkuk 3:19 and the mountain logo was born!
Josh and Amber want Elevate Gymnastics to glorify the Lord and to share His love with the families that come through it's doors.  
They wish to be a light to the children they coach, elevate them to success, not just in the sport but also in life.